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The future is to attain natural sound sound like you are in a concert hall

The future is to attain natural sound sound like you are in a concert hall

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Andre Charlin - Grande Musique Classique

In 50's, the "Charlin" collection recording is a great success and licensed worldwide. Since 1962, we propose a selection of the recordings he has himself chosen and signed for his personal collection. Many originals have been lost or destroyed, this collection will unfortunately, never fully restored.

Legend has it that if André Charlin invented a revolutionary recording system, it was primarily to improve the performances of his famous stereo system. He has made an "Dummy Head" replica of a human head with two microphones as ears ... the stereo without mixing. André Charlin collaborated of some of the greatest labels of classical music. His recordings allowed the creation of the best albums at EMI, Erato, French Discophiles, Ducretet Thomson and others. 

His recordings are unrivaled ... and always unmatched. The artistic direction is entrusted to Carl de Nys, critical musicologist and renowned historian.


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Since the advent of digitalization, a degradation of sound quality is commonly accepted. This choice in favor of a rapid and globalized distribution, it justifies the desire more and more common among audiophiles a return to acoustic authenticity.

Charlin discs are intended for lovers of classical and religious music. Our customers are concerned about a natural sound quality, without any artifice realized in post production. that you are interested in our company, and we are proud of sharing these values with you. We always offer high quality and excellent services to you.

Gilles13 - I just listen to the creation of the world of Darius Milhaud, beautiful tonal colors, very dynamic, very serious legible and held, wide and deep image, only treble date a little. A superb version that we do not tire of listening. I was absolutely not disappointed, superb records.


Jubilator - The repertoire "The vertices of the organ" favors the brilliant sound ("to sound a parley" refers to powerfully voiced reed stops in a pipe organ) are the horizontal pipes characteristic of the Spanish organ bill, they are mainly intended to play for making sounds or ring : one has this type of pipes on the church organ Fresnes recently inaugurated, and once again, the sound is spectacular.


The seat in the dementia at times and the sound is extremely dynamic, but even at high volume it does not saturate. There are also pieces of great sweetness. It is a beautiful music, very voluble, simple in its harmony and its rhythmic, but rather varied and complex in its structure.

Fanny - I was delighted to hear a sound like the concert. Without exaggerated reverberation or other futile treatment. Thank you for these recordings. It's a feast for the ears.

The Charlin publishing house exists since 1962, initially installed avenue Montaigne in Paris, the house has evolved without distorting the original work of Mr Charlin. Find the recordings of Mr Charlin in the shop page of charlin.Fr

Betulia Liberata - W.A. Mozart

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